Ann Vandichel lives in Kortrijk and taught herself the trade. Ann creates figurative works using oils on linen in an expressive and specific style. She tries to address her public in a comprehensible, accessible language. Hers is a constant search for a personal essence to capture impressions and events. This strong fragmentation has led to her paintings becoming more and more abstract in recent times.
“I usually start off with real concepts and then add my own interpretation in order to give expression to my feelings using light, colour and shapes, but the picture as a basis is always very important! I keep mixing colours in order to create more life and frequently use the wet-on-wet technique. I’m not afraid to use mixed media either as it sometimes provides much more depth.”

Ann mostly prefers to create art that touches the soul through its shear beauty, rather than turning to the destructive nature of things. “Emotion is very important in art, as well as in life in general. Beauty provides me with a sort of balance while destruction simply disturbs that balance."